Saturday 29 July 2017


Until today, the last movie I saw in a theatre was Moonlight.  I saw Moonlight before it won an Academy award and became well-known as a great movie.  Moonlight may have been the fourth or fifth film I have seen in the last five years.

I say all this because I choose movies carefully.  Thus, I implore you to listen to my lauding of a film that I saw today.  That movie is Dunkirk.

I suppose you could call Dunkirk at historical reenactment.  Of course, it reenacts the evacuation of British troops from the coast of France during World War II.  It is precisely that.  We are shown, up close, the trauma and fear experienced by the troops. We are shown the daring of the sailors of the small ships and the determination of frightened men to stay alive and to keep their colleagues alive.

There is very little dialogue. There is very little politics.  There is a lot of blood and guts.  There are a lot of heroics and some failed attempts at heroics.  This movie will make you perspire and begin to understand what was done at that time by those troops to preserve liberty.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, David. That means a lot. My mother worked as a carpenter working on boats readying them for the rescue.