Friday 28 February 2020

Where have you been all this time?

Hi, folks.  Apparently, it has been 1 1/2 years since I said anything on my blog.  This hiatus might have gone on forever had I not been challenged by my grandnephew, Callum Sobey Cooke, to start writing again.  Callum will be fifteen in a few weeks; I will be eighty-three in August.  It invigorates me to think that I might have something to say in which he would be interested.

So here goes.

I don't expect to be writing any long essays.  Rather, I hope to go on my blog on a fairly regular basis just talking about whatever's coming into my mind at the time.  I hope I can inspire somebody; at the very least, I may entertain a few of you.  I have to be tough-minded in listening to your criticisms.  In the past, I reviewed a movie only to find that somebody who had better knowledge of the history involved did not find it a very good film.  Then I reviewed a book which I clearly did not like and did not finish.  Somebody quite close to me decided to read the book and read it right to the very end, apparently enjoy ing it a great deal.

 We have a new carpet in the hallway here Caroline Place, my retirement residence.  If I do say so, it looks rather sharp and I'm rather proud to be living here.  I am now in my eighth year, so I guess I should be proud.  Well, so much for that comment!

Let me get back you when I figure out how to post this and think of something more interesting to say.