Saturday 29 July 2017


Until today, the last movie I saw in a theatre was Moonlight.  I saw Moonlight before it won an Academy award and became well-known as a great movie.  Moonlight may have been the fourth or fifth film I have seen in the last five years.

I say all this because I choose movies carefully.  Thus, I implore you to listen to my lauding of a film that I saw today.  That movie is Dunkirk.

I suppose you could call Dunkirk at historical reenactment.  Of course, it reenacts the evacuation of British troops from the coast of France during World War II.  It is precisely that.  We are shown, up close, the trauma and fear experienced by the troops. We are shown the daring of the sailors of the small ships and the determination of frightened men to stay alive and to keep their colleagues alive.

There is very little dialogue. There is very little politics.  There is a lot of blood and guts.  There are a lot of heroics and some failed attempts at heroics.  This movie will make you perspire and begin to understand what was done at that time by those troops to preserve liberty.

Monday 24 July 2017


I am experimenting as to how to write a blog, and when I have it written, put it on Facebook.  Some of what I write I may not put on Facebook but rather will just keep in the original blog.  However, my niece Elspeth tells me that if I want to get it out in the world I've got a place it in front of the 475 Facebook friends, and they are all very very close friends, and they will pick it up and run with it.

I'm experimenting using my voice in Dragon.  This works extremely well.  When I show this to my friends they are ecstatic.

Some people may not know that my voice is being translated directly into printed text in this blog.

Now I'm going to try and publish this and then move it over to Facebook.

Friday 21 July 2017

My first blog

I start this comment without having any particular thoughts in mind.  I have with me today my children from Ottawa and my three grandchildren.

This is a test of the blog. This may not look very interesting but I hope you will find over the course of time that I have some very interesting things to say.

Two weeks from today I will become an octogenarian. Most people who entered their eighth decade do not come out alive.  I do not know whether I will or not, that is up to the entity that I feel I know, my God.

I do feel, however, that there is a great deal I need to say before that happens.  What's going to happen in this blog is that I will enter upon a number of topics and express my views or perhaps just talk about where I've been in this world and these topics.

My wife used to have a blog and she would always conclude her commentaries by saying that she was going to see us all again on the Road to Santiago" I do not have such a closing but I am saying so long for now.